Arma 3 Features 'Realistic Graphics With Realistic Gameplay'

SegmentNext - "Bohemia Announces Arma 3 with an all new game engine that combines realistic graphics with series' realistic gameplay."

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iamnsuperman3528d ago

This is the one game I wish I could play and makes me want a great gaming PC shame about the cost

BlackKnight3528d ago

You build a PC that runs crysis 2 at 1080P at max settings for 600 bucks.

Considering most people spend 400 bucks for the "home computer", getting a gaming rig for 200-300 dollar more is quite affordable.

Once you got past around 1,000 dollars, you are now entering VERY high end gaming, meaning multi-GPU/multi-display

iamnsuperman3528d ago

I have no idea how to build a PC but thanks I will look into it. This is the only game I would realistically buy for a PC because I prefer a console with its controls but I love these types of games

BlackKnight3528d ago (Edited 3528d ago )

Even if you can't build one, you can buy prebuilt from lots of vendors besides HP and Dell. It will cost more than building on your own of course, just stay away from going too high end (the faster a PC is, the more margin is on the price of the PC when you buy it prebuilt). Also stay away from Apple, MainGear or any "luxury" brand that charges an arm and a leg just because it is stylish. When you are gaming, you won't care if your computer looks amazing or not, let alone worth an extra 1,000 bucks.

This is a pretty nice rig right here. This has 8GB system memory, 1GB video memory, 1TB hard drive, a 6 core CPU, and a video card that will get you 1080P with 8xAA (over kill) and max settings in DX11 on Bad Company 2 at around 50FPS+.

This is the most I would recommend to someone going into PC gaming the first time and wanting a great rig. This would last you QUITE some time and with that much memory and 6 cores, maybe in 2-3 years you only upgrade the video card if you wish to still play on crazy settings in 2013-2014. Remember, you don't have to upgrade, you will still be way better looking than console.

Oh and also, xbox controller works great with many PC games. Crysis 1 and 2, all Valve games, assassin creed series, etc, all support the xbox controller and actually change the on screen prompts to Xbox buttons. And other games allow gampads without the prompts. You can also buy other controllers that may look and feel like PS3 but you won't get the prompts. Just wanted to let you know.

Options are always great.

TheGameFoxJTV3528d ago

@BlackKnight, that was the most "Well Said" post I've ever seen. LMAO

BlackKnight3528d ago


Thanks I appreciate that. I am a long time gamer and I just like letting people know the facts.

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Uncharted3Goty3528d ago

these game has to much Realistic for me. ( lol (my comment is about the title just to make things clear.)

waterboy3528d ago

i dont wish i could play it but i would play it


ummm its Arma.....kind of expected it to be realistic, this passes for journalisim now?

Psychotica3528d ago

Now if they can just get rid of the robotic voice and have something that sounds more real....

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