Rumour-Devil May Cry likely to have a showing at E3 says Capcom.

The flashy action adventure game from Capcom Devil May Cry hasn’t been seen since its unveiling at the Tokyo Game Show last year.

Speaking during a Q and A Live-Stream session this week, Capcom’s Christian Svensson teased, “Maybe, we’ll see,” adding, “you’re going have to wait and see.”

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rabidpancakeburglar3528d ago (Edited 3528d ago )

Awesome, I want to see more of what gay dante will be like

Jack-H3528d ago

Lol I like the twist ending of your sentence. I was thinking "wow someone's actually positive towards this" haha that was pretty funny.... Gay Dante *shakes head*

Tony-Red-Grave3528d ago

>.> im actually positive and not for the reason poeple think.

i want to see more people rant about how dante looks just so i can school them in PMs common try me "fans".

AbyssGravelord3528d ago

This image accurately describes how I feel about DMC

Kain813528d ago (Edited 3528d ago )

This was what i felt, after seeing the new Dante

Blaine3528d ago

Devil May Cry is dead.

reznik_zerosum3528d ago

thatis just like replacing Snake from MGS for some emo faggot,why the fuck they did that ?

anubis563528d ago

That gay Dante looks exactly like this gay dev who want to resemble himself in this game...

Really hate the new design!

HolyOrangeCows3528d ago

I can't believe that D-bag butchered the design to have his likeness in the game.

xAlmostPro3528d ago

"rumour says capcom".. well if they said it, it's not a rumour.. make your mind up :D

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Michael-Jackson3528d ago

I would like to see how his game will turn out. My expectations are very low.

Tony-Red-Grave3528d ago

i agree with you i personally would like to see weither or not it can make up for the mess that was dmc4 imo.

rebirthofcaos3528d ago

at the end emo dante kill himself END.

NukaCola3528d ago

He actually tries to OD on Flintstones vitamins and just cries for 20mins in a corner until you just turn the game off and go outside.

sack_boi3527d ago

Hahhaa you guys are awesome.

MoDyDo3528d ago

Like it makes any difference, unless they change back this thing into the real dante, and if they don't want to simply change the game's name

shreeveera3528d ago

Capcom has to follow Sucker Punch who changed back Cole to his true self in inFamous 2 after hearing to the fans of the original game.
Please bring back our beloved silver haired Dante.
Emo Dante=Epic Fail.

NukaCola3528d ago

Capsom gave this IP to Ninja Theory to take on, so you should know what to expect.

Blaine3528d ago

And that's the *real* problem with DmC.

Emo Dante is a slap in the face, but would be an easy fix.

Capcom handing over the reins to Ninja Theory, though, that was a huge mistake and Capcom's not likely to go back on it.

Tony-Red-Grave3528d ago

and now people hate the new cool >.>

old new cole=fit setting fit voice actor
old old cole=fit his setting fit his voice actor
new cole= doesnt fit setting doesnt fit voice actor

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