Develop source: Wii 2 pad 'adds camera system'

Develop writes:

The controller for Nintendo’s new home console includes a front-facing camera system, a person close to the matter has told Develop.

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tehpees33529d ago

I never actually had a camera nor plan to get one. it sounds like this is more of a social console rather than a hardcore one but what do I know?

iamnsuperman3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

This controller is sounding more expensive by the day and the camera has to be Hi res if the console is HD. Nice idea. I can see this having more of a social network/skpyeing function. If the console does have streaming capabilities to the controller then it makes sense to have a camera for video chat. But is this necessary especially on a controller. This console is sounding more social network than an actually gaming machine. The idea is there but for in game applications I can’ think of ways it could be implemented unless certain games can read your expressions but then the console would have to be held at a certain angle and why would a game make a specific feature that can only be used on one console. Unless Nintendo are hoping for Sony and Microsoft to follow this tech could become obsolete except for first party games

pcz3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

i bet if the same feature was announced for future sony/microsoft consoles you would be open minded. heck, you would probably praise it.

people said the wii was shit and just a gimmick, as soon as move and kinect came out everybody was magically opened minded about motion control. its going to be the same story with wii 2.

sony/microsoft fans will take the piss out of all wii2's features, then embrace them when they inevitably make their way onto sony/microsoft consoles.

death2smoochie3529d ago

What you posted is so true. You know very well ANY of these possible ideas for the Wii 2 will be BASHED to high heavens by "so called" gamers, and if Sony or MS uses ANY or ALL of these features that might be in the Wii 2, it will then be the next coming of the Messiah. LOL

Enfilade3529d ago

why? it will probably be low res just like the 3ds camera

Redempteur3529d ago

it's for the wii2's a console that is confirmed to be in teh HD catégory ( at least ) so teh camera willbe somethiing like teh pseye at best , or even better

r213529d ago

it might probably possibly maybe used to detect players face thereby going to the players account, like how the kinect does stuff. who knows, we'll see in E3.

Venox20083529d ago

or streaming your face in online matches.. :)

koehler833529d ago

I don't like the idea of a permanently enabled camera on a home console. It's far too vulnerable to exploitation.

I do admittedly have a PS Eye, but it creeps me out to have it plugged in when not in use. Kinect is unsettling too, especially since it needs to remain plugged in and on for full functionality.

Who's watching? Probably nobody... but who knows for sure? Especially since the PSN hack.

Raendom3529d ago

If that's true (it's not, you maybe need paranoia pills), what's the most they can see? A dude sitting down with a controller in his hand? :p

iamnsuperman3529d ago

You never know he could be sitting down with a controller naked

multipayer3529d ago

you should play portal 2 with a camera plugged in, that'll really spook you...

LightofDarkness3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

This is starting to sound like suck with every new detail I hear.

In fact, if Nintendo really think this is a good idea, I have one word for them. CHATROULETTE.

ozstar3529d ago

Chatroulette is great

GiggMan3529d ago

There is a lot of negativity around here.

Personally I can't wait for the reveal, I love to see new technology...

stealth500k3529d ago

Theres alot of fanboys and trolls around here............

Without even seeing something they just spout off it sucks.



death2smoochie3529d ago

Just wait until Sony or MS announces any of these possible features in their next consoles, at that point the same very people hating on this (and it's not even confirmed the Wii 2 will have these features) will pull a 180. LOL
The hypocrisy on this site is astounding.

sasuke993529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

this is just a rumor but it got me very excited!

can't wait for the reveal too!

GiggMan3529d ago

We will be sitting back eating popcorn while others are protesting and drinking haterade...

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