Sony, It’s Time To Stick A PS3 In A Premium Bravia LCD For most of 2010, Sony led the way in Australia for integrated IPTV in its television sets. But IPTV is only a small fraction of the potential for integrated entertainment on a flat panel television. Gaming is destined to be the next big boom for television screens, and it’s time for Sony to leverage its assets by sticking a Playstation 3 console into a premium Bravia TV.

Sony understand the appeal of combining the Playstation 3 with Bravia televisions. For the past few years, it has regularly run bonus promotions offering a free PS3 with the purchase of a Sony television, all of which have been hugely successful. But there hasn’t been the slightest peep of Sony taking the next step and integrating the console into the television itself, even with Sir Howard Stringer making it his personal mission to see the different business arms of Sony better working with each other.

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gillri3528d ago

lol would be awesome!!

but dont expect that for a very long timE if ever

but you could certianly expect a blu-ray integrated tv coming soon

AAACE53528d ago

Fewer cords, more entertainment! Good deal!

The tv's would probably have to be thicker as tv's already produce a decent amount of heat and running the powerful games on Ps3 will increase that heat!

If they can get it to work, it would be a hell of a thing!

Finger-Eater3528d ago (Edited 3528d ago )

Not a good idea for Sony, no company would be that generous.

The Meerkat3528d ago

Sounds like a good idea, but is it really?

I still bring out my N64 for a game of Zelda or Mario.
But I don't still have my TV from 10 years ago.

thesummerofgeorge3528d ago

Agreed.... I suppose it would be a nice luxury if you're wealthy enough, but I like to be able to move mine to a different TV in a different room when need be, and as you said, TV's become obsolete, while consoles will be enjoyed many years after their time.

joeorc3528d ago (Edited 3528d ago )

OK i get a disagree? for posting some facts...?

What the [email protected]@k ever people.

as for this question

"But what if the PS3 part of it breaks?
You'll need to send the whole TV to them for repairs (or replacement) :/ "

that's why it's the base an not inside the TV that way you can fix the PS3 part without needing to replace the entire TV.

as you can see Sony Already did this with the PS2

as for expensive:





not too expensive in my opinion for a 22" HD TV/ with a ps2 included.

joeorc3528d ago (Edited 3528d ago )

"You don't seem to understand....
...there are no slim Blu-Ray drives in existence.

umm... yes there is!

there is more than a few companies that already make slimline PC laptop optical drive's that play Blu-ray already


hell even Sony make's one themselves

an once again the PS3 would most likely be in the "base" of the TV like they already did with the PS2 the PS2 was in the "Base" or stand of the TV, more passive cooling an easy to get to for repairs. it would most likely not be inside of the TV for those very same reasons i just pointed out.

THWIP713528d ago

Considering the entire HDTV market is in a race to see who can make a paper-thin TV first (Samsung is in the lead, so far), I think that would be a huge step back. You don't just "stick" a gaming console inside a flat panel HDTV.

Chug3528d ago

Obviously, the tech would be integrated inside the tv in a manner of which would keep the tv thin. It's not like they'd literally stick a PS3 slim inside the set.

Kinda a cool idea though apart from probably costing an arm and a leg. And I also like having a console that I can move around to different tv's if needed, etc.

THWIP713528d ago

...there are no slim Blu-Ray drives in existence. That fact alone kills this idea. If it were a digital-media only version of the PS3, then it could be done....but then it really wouldn't be a PS3.

Chug3528d ago

Mkay, so THWIP71 says this could NEVER be done because they wouldn't be able to make the set paper thin. lol

I can see it being a drawback, but it definitely doesn't kill the concept all together.

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The story is too old to be commented.