Traders Look for 'Grand Theft Auto' Surge to Cap 2011

NEW YORK—Options bulls looked for gains for Take-Two Interactive in the second half of 2011, when the videogame maker's next blockbuster is likely to hit shelves.

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jjohan352706d ago

Please no. Second half of 2011 is crowded with many excellent games. Please wait till first half of 2012, where the competition is usually minimal.

scotchmouth2706d ago

It's ok to buy more then one game!

jjohan352706d ago

My wallet disagrees with you lol.

AAACE52706d ago

GTA 5 WILL be announced at E3!

I think they should hold off til next gen, but it will come out next year and be available for all 3 consoles!

...When I say all 3, I mean Nintendo's next, not Wii 1.

jbiz3302706d ago

im thinking Max Payne in the 2nd half of 2011 and GTA5 first half of next year.

LoneWanderer092705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

Games that am buying for 2011

WWE All Stars (March 29) i already have it
L.A. Noire (May 17) i already have it
Smackdown vs Raw 2012
Battlefield 3
Uncharted 3
Saints Row: The Third
Twisted Metal

This is my list of games