Soul Calibur V to Mirror Marvel Vs. Capcom 3?

Not much is known about Soul Calibur V. Fans have been wanting the answers to questions such as: What will the gameplay be like? What’s the focus of the game? How will it stand out among the revitalized Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat franchises?

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BigWoopMagazine2733d ago

Lightning fast? Yes Please.

Easier to play? No thank you. Soul Calibur is already easy enough to learn, there's no need to dumb down a great franchise like this. If anything, just include a good training mode for newbies...

Trexman892733d ago

I don't think the women can move lightning fast with those blimps attached to their chest

SkyCrawler2733d ago

They'd prob float and pumble just like Dead or Alive's chesticle physics...Just a thought XD

Kalowest2733d ago

Soul Calibur, and Dead or Alive both have great breast physics. :)

Fishy Fingers2733d ago

Noob friendly then. Button bash your way to the top.

Peaceful_Jelly2733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

there is no way u can win a fight in MvC3 by button mashing. Have u seen how people are playing this game now? The first to grab the other into a combo is dead. 1 error during a fight and you lose. =|

You can run and spam projectiles but button mashing is literally impossible.

Megaton2733d ago

Then it won't be Soul Calibur.

Otheros002733d ago

So, where going to get less moves, characters, and have to pay for things already on the disk?

krazykombatant2733d ago

ahhh a fellow hater of having to pay for DLC.. Welcome to the party my friend.

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