Next Twisted Metal Named, Jaffe Discusses Multiplayer

What do you get when you take sixteen online gamers, speeding cars firing homing missiles, motorcycles armed with machine guns and helicopters packed with napalm then twist it up in shiny new HD graphics all running silky smooth? If you guessed the PS3′s upcoming ‘Twisted Metal: (insert subtitle)’, well you’d be right and wrong.

No subtitles need apply as Game Director David Jaffe pointed out recently in an interview posted on the US PlayStation Blog.

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Der_Kommandant2797d ago

Someone please cryogenically freeze me until October 4th

BigWoopMagazine2797d ago

By the time I develop the technology to do so, it'll be October 4th!

I simply can't wait for this, to finally go online with TM. I still own TM:Black, but never had the internet capabilities for the PS2 to try online, but I'm convinced that online battles are perfect for this franchise.

MintBerryCrunch2797d ago

Cartman already did will regret that decision

thor2797d ago

Rapture is tomorrow, no point :P

Der_Kommandant2797d ago

On May 22 i'll start trolling religious sites with - "You were left behind! Now prepare for HELL!"

NoNeedForAName2797d ago

I think Twisted Metal PS3 works just fine as a name. It's a re-boot for the franchise on PS3. How pissed would you be to buy "Twisted Metal" off of Ebay and have it be the PS1 original? ha ha.

MidnytRain2797d ago (Edited 2797d ago )

There should be details in the eBay listing on which platform it's on.

T3mpr1x2797d ago

It wouldn't be hard to fake...

MidnytRain2797d ago


Technically, one could fake anything. It's best to buy only from trusted retailers.