Sony Announces SmartAR, Possible NGP Bullet-Point

PushSquare: "Contrary to popular belief, AR in video games did not start with the Nintendo 3DS. We know Nintendo fans like to believe their favourite video game manufacturer is responsible for every invention in the video game space, but on this occasion they are wrong. Sony, in fact, has been dabbling with AR for years.

Overnight the company announced SmartAR, a technology that's important for one major reason: no more cards. If you think of EyePet on the PlayStation 3, you had to place a very specific card on the carpet for the EyePet to appear. SmartAR will work with a variety of objects and sources, adding "new value to various services and business applications such as advertising and games"."

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bobbyluv3531d ago

i would love to see a horror AR game

Cloudberry3531d ago

Ghosts & spirits walking across your room.

Play it in the dark.

Blaine3531d ago

Don't even say that! I'm seeing shadows in my room right now just thinking about it. :S

Menech3531d ago

I wouldn't the experience would be heavily effected by your environment.

And when your in a living room with pink flowers and Eastenders on the HDTV it would kill the game.

MoDyDo3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

you got a point, but what if they can change the environment for example like silent hill and turn the pink room into a creepy room

GodofSackboy3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

Personally i was more shocked that they have either stolen the Race Driver: Grid music or heavily ripped it off.

But cool tech, imagine if you were buying a TV or something, you could use the NGP browser, go on the manufacturers website, download a 3d model of the TV, then preview it using AR to see how it looks...awesome

MintBerryCrunch3531d ago

the grammar nazi in me laughed at this one

Neko_Mega3531d ago

Sorry lol, keyboard have been sticking and I type to fast lol.

SWEET!!!! =^-^=

StbI9903531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

Still...lololol did nintendo get owned? no trolling.

clintos593531d ago

I cant wait to own one of these bad boys. NGP was what the psp shouldve been. Cant wait.

supremacy3531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

And thats why its poise to succeed.

The ngp is the form factor of all those criticisms the psp had, addressed.


zoks3103531d ago

In Every Way....
can't wait.

EmperorDalek3530d ago

You're kidding. The form factor for the NGP is horrible. I went from the PSP-1000 to the 3000 to the Go. The Go easily wins hands down in terms of form factor.

If I want a "portable" device with a big form factor then I'll take the Samsung Galaxy Tab any day of the week.

jujubee883531d ago

Hand 2 Hand combat = Big Teddy Bear

Top down shooter = Many small teddy bears/hyper-fast mode teddy bear


warrior99883531d ago

i want to try something but not with this pink monster lol

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The story is too old to be commented.