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RandomProdInc: "Brink has been built up as being a fantastic and revolutionary shooter. But does it hold true to this status, or does it fall short?"

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mananimal2708d ago

BOOOOO! NO SOUP FOR YOU, another half baked exp, kinda like a beta or something, Single Player? LOL LOL that's what SPLASH calls single player?, Look!, b4 you think I'm being to harsh, let me remind you of something, I NEVER Bought into the idea by the Industry, that it as OK to release a game, that needs to be patched right after release, thats #1, so ANY game like that, simply i will ignore. #2: $60bucks for basically an ONLINE ONLY game? LOL NO THANK YOU!!!! #3: Its just a Mediocre exp not worth $60bucks, besides, Im no longer a Big Online Multi-player gamer, there really a waste of time and effort, unless you've got a crew to play with every time, this generations mulitplayer is a disgrace of a failure, not $$ wise, but reputation wise. Yes there will always be SHEEPLE to manipulate, so the Industry will continue with its trend to Change the Game, to an ONLINE, SERVER BASED Business Model, eventually, by then I will already have moved on to a new hobby, Im NOT A SLAVE, PRINCIPAL over PLEASURE 10 out of 10 times.