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arjman2709d ago

How do you manage being a Super Saiyan 4 all the time? My energy seems to drain out after a few minutes.

tehpees32709d ago

I can't see a difference either actually. but the graphics on that waking dead advert are mind blowing

fei-hung2709d ago

His Super Saiyan has nothin on my final getsuga tenshou and unlike Ichigo's final getsuga tenshou, my final getsuga tenshou is infinite where the "final" aspect is only "final" for the oppenant who is blasted to smithereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeens :p

OT: I hate these stupid graphic comparisons. No one in their right mind will notice these differences during gameplay. The only comparisons which matter are content comparisons i.e. extra players, extra maps, extra skins, or like Portal 2 - cross platform play and free pc and mac versions.

r1sh122709d ago (Edited 2709d ago )

They do look quite similar, but only video can tell us about frame drops etc..
But I really dont care because if the game is good and entertaining you will not focus on graphics.

omni_atlas2709d ago

are you guys completely blind? go to the 1 minute mark.

Firstkn1ghT2709d ago

100% Identical according to this video. Even the pop in was pretty much the same. In Lens of Truth, you can clearly see the textures are much more alive and sharp on the 360 version tho'

Like I said many times before, it's a better idea to build on the ps3 than port to the 360 because the 360 can hang with the ps3. The same can't be said the other way around.

wsoutlaw872709d ago

you do know the ps3 won the LOT comparison right. Please tell me you were trying to look, unintelligent i guess you could say, because you succeed.

hay2709d ago

Don't worry, he's always like that.

r1sh122709d ago (Edited 2709d ago )

I think its down to the dev tools, possibly it could do with the texture formats and the way stuff is written and compressed.
Maybe the PS3 isnt as variable which is why ports from the 360 havent looked as good, but the other way around it looks very good.

I think that shows some flexibility with the xbox dev tols, maybe more games should be like that so its fair across both platforms or maybe this specific team which worked on this game were better than all the others?

OR...maybe more devs are getting to grips with the ps3 language

Venjense2709d ago

I think he LOT PS3 is breaking or something because it looks like the sidewalk texture didn't load. The side walk in one pic looks bland then in every other pic it looks exactly like 360s.

I doubt they made two types of sidewalk textures for the PS3 so the texture probably didn't load.

I've never experienced texture load in in this game and never seen a sidewalk or rug like that while playing.

paintsville2709d ago

You're right on the money. It's easy for 360 to hang with the ps3 but the other way around is not usually the case. This game is pretty much identical on both consoles. Lucky for the ps3 that this game started life as a ps3 exclusive. If it had started on 360 then this comparison wouldnt even be close.

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_LarZen_2709d ago

PS3 has the upper hand, just watch the Lens of Truth pictures....

InTheKnow2709d ago

It's been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Well then a video is worth infinitely more. The video CLEARLY shows that they are identical without any real differences, not that it matters in this case.

Other than the amount of discs, there isn't much to compare. PS3 requires a massive install and the 360 requires you to swap discs at different's a wash. Buy it for your favorite system and leave it at that.

wsoutlaw872709d ago

too be fair, a lot of the things the video is showing is cut scenes witch LOT even said were identical. The rest of the game is very close to identical except the ps3 has ssao shadowing that the 360 lacks. Ps3 also has an exclusive case, even if it can't be redeemed yet.

MRMagoo1232709d ago

a massive install lol @intheknow it took 2 minutes for my ps3 to install, i havent seen many of your comments but i suspect if you normally talk out of your arse like this that would explain your 2 bubbles which will soon be 1.

xstation792709d ago

So I guess the lens of truth is now accurate since it shows the ps3 version looking better? I guess as soon as vgchartz starts showing the ps3 being ahead in sales it will be consider accurate aswell.

MRMagoo1232709d ago

no ppl are using LoT as an example because there so biased that if they have to admit the PS3 have the better version then it must be true. I suspect i can generalise too and say " oh i guess LoT are crap and wrong now since the 360 lost on this one"

BigPappaPump2709d ago (Edited 2709d ago )

@ SuperSaiyan4 and 1st Knight,are you guys blind?

WayneKerr2709d ago

360 hagging with ps3 leads, but when the 360 leads the ps3 just cant cope.

99% of mutiplatform games verity this FACT

The Meerkat2709d ago

FACTs don't matter.


MRMagoo1232709d ago

FACTs dont matter lol show me some FACTUAL evidence that exactly 99% of all multiplats are better on the 360 thanks.

dont worry ill be waiting.

news4geeks2709d ago (Edited 2709d ago )

portal, brink and l.a. noire are all slightly better on ps3. Previously games were only slightly better on 360 except from extreme examples like Bayonetta and Ghostbusters and other exceptions when the ps3 looked better. 99% of games verify this fact. Ridiculous to suggest the ps3 can't cope with ports but the 360 can, even when the 360 looks worse just exactly in the same manner the ps3 did previously.

read my comment history, I'm clearly not a sony fanboy either.

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