Hollywood interested in L.A. Noire movie

A top Hollywood producer has expressed his interest in making an L.A. Noire movie, Team Bondi has revealed.

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Kran2801d ago (Edited 2801d ago )

Isn't L.A. Noire already like a movie?

Still. A movie might be good.

tehpees32801d ago (Edited 2801d ago )

no good can come of this

I'm merely expressing an opinion. is there really a need to be so rude to me? I think movies made out of games turn out bad usually. very rarely do they work

jc485732801d ago

yea, it might be a movie on just one case, while the game has many.

Schism202801d ago (Edited 2801d ago )

Whats wrong with making a movie on a game? Lol your comment is dumb and pointless

Hellsvacancy2801d ago

L.A Noire would be cool, GTA would be better, Red Dead even better

digitalivan2801d ago

L.A. Noire definitely, Red Dead maybe, GTA hell no.

jc485732801d ago

aren't there a lot movies like GTA?

LastDance2801d ago

What is GTA even about?...

A film where a guy steals dozens of cars and runs people over?..shoots cops and takes his cousin out bowling...

YES red dead tho.

Theyellowflash302801d ago

Don't need a movie. The game is basically one but better cause its interactive. Your in the action your playing it. I'm not a big movie guy anyway. I rather be playing games.

EliteDave932801d ago (Edited 2801d ago )

Dear god Hollywood is tryin to make movies out of everythin today cant they come up with own ideas?

Az1mov2801d ago

This is all about the money, they want no risk and full capitalization on a new successfully established franchise.

Az1mov2801d ago

After getting LA noire today, I'll start hoping for the next GTA to be settled in Vice City nowadays. And Rockstar's renowned touch of humour as opposed to the tragic GTA4 and the dark character Niko bellic.

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The story is too old to be commented.