The best way to get girls interested in Kinect

Megabits of Gaming: What's a guaranteed way of getting women interested in gaming? Combine it with their favourite past time! Here's a video of Kinect being used in an innovative way... something that's bound to get girls keen on motion control.

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captain-obvious3529d ago

cocking mama on Kinect would be great
so they could make sandwiches while they are playing

iamnsuperman3529d ago

Who wouldn't try this out if they found this in a shop. I certainly would... defiantly entertain me while my gf shops.

HolyOrangeCows3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

"Cocking" Mama? lol wut

They look pregnant half the time in the video. Not exactly flattering. (Case in point; 1:00 and 1:17)
I doubt making them look fat in a dress will get ladies to buy/play Kinect.

"Get her hammered"
They thought ahead.

"Who wouldn't try this out if they found this in a shop. I certainly would... defiantly entertain me while my gf shops"
Who? People not interested on trying on vitual dresses?

Pixel_Enemy3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

This says it all right here! I love how when he tries to high five her she is flipping him off. lol

M-Easy3529d ago

Shouldn't they be worrying about getting GAMERS interested in kinict?

Bojeeva3529d ago

8 million are... apparently

mrv3213529d ago

Where, have you seen the Kinect only games sales... my god, you think repeat sales of titanic tickets where bad.

LovelyLara3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

~lol~ i personally can think of more men this would appeal too than women – I mean come on what women in her right mind would really make their mind up on the basis that they have some virtual reality style dress hovering over their body like a shapeless potato bag? There really is no substitute in trying it on and seeing where it doesn’t fit right, the textures etc etc but good try Kinect at trying to tap into the female market – what next virtual plastic surgery / make up / Botox……………..

Reiko3529d ago

You saying that girls aren't gamers???

BaseAllstar3529d ago

I've spent countless hours stood outside changing cubicles (that sounds wrong)
If this cuts down on that then bring it on, having said that I have a wife that loves video games and as soon as she got the bug it cut my own gaming time in half, i'd go split screen with her but she gets annoyed at my own ineptitude.

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