L.A. Noire 'very appealing to women'

Team Bondi founder Brendan McNamara has said that L.A. Noire has proven to be "very appealing to women", mainly - he thinks - due to them being "pretty good at reading whether people are lying or not".

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jc485732707d ago

wonder why men suck at reading whether women are lying or not.

MGRogue20172707d ago (Edited 2707d ago )

I'm sure there are lots of girl gamers out there who are going to be picking this up..

Rainstorm812707d ago

My GF doesnt play games (well other than angry birds & katamari damacy) but she loves Law and order.

When she saw me playing this game and conducting interviews, she actually said "this is a game i can watch, i might even play it"

Something about LA noire does indeed appeal to women, my GF didnt even like Heavy Rain

t0mmyb0y2707d ago

LOL My GF said the exact same thing.

Jinxstar2706d ago

Mine loved Heavy Rain. She loves this. Only annoying part is now I gotta wait around for her so I can play it... I guess it;'s ok though. I get to go around and explore and stuff like that. Get 5 stars on cases that are already done and stuff.

dkgshiz2707d ago

Good game. The facial reading during interviews was really easy though. Basically if the perp isn't looking you dead in the eyes they are generally lying to you. The only moderatly hard interview was on that Golden Butterfly mission where you have to interview that one girls father. He was a tad hard to read.

Soldierone2707d ago

Later in the game you start dealing with the hard criminals that are really good at covering things up. Unless you have the evidence to accuse them, you cant "doubt" them or they will BS their way out of it. Plus they stare your character in the eyes, so you have to watch their movements. Touching their face, adjusting themselves, moving after being still etc...

Plus there are a couple that are just nervous and break eye contact simply because of that.

creamsoda2707d ago

this games awesome anyone can play it.. i hope they make a sequel called "noire york".

lh_swe2707d ago

Yeah because thats what we need, another game set in New York city, are you freakin' kidding me!?

EliteDave932707d ago

Or maybe its becuse women gets turned on by the whole "LAPD DROP THE WEAPON!"

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The story is too old to be commented.