L.A Noire recieves first patch on PS3

STN Writes:

The PS3 version of L.A Noire has received its first patch.

There are no official patch notes at the moment, however it does seem unlikely that this will fix the freezing issues as they have only just been discovered, so this may just be a day one patch to fix various glitches .

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Schism203531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

Hmm Interesting I havent experienced any issues with the game but im only on case 9 so maybe this happens later on.

tehpees33531d ago

hopefully the crashing stops now right?

agentace3531d ago

The patch said DLC so its probably just getting ready for some DLC (common sense people)

TBM3531d ago

I haven't had a single issue yet (knock on wood) in the game. Its running smooth as silk.

Chewy1023531d ago

You may not believe me, but I have been getting crashes. 2 days ago I got up to the Fallen Idol case and starting yesterday I couldn't get the game to start at all. Every time I tried the system blacked screened.

I even tried deleting both the installed data and my saved data (after moving it to the cloud of course) without any luck. I hope this patch helps me out. I may suck at questioning people but figuring out the cases so far has been fun (but rather easy TBH).

Chewy1023530d ago

Ignore what I said. It turns out that My PS3 is at fault. It wont play any game (disc or download), movie, or even Netflix anymore.

creatchee3531d ago

I found a couple of fuuuuuuunny glitches. Spoiler-free.

When you're searching the rooftops during the Silk Stocking murder, you can actually fall though the ledge by the water tower. I kinda walked along it and turned when I was about to fall off. Then I fell anyway, and then teleported back up to the ledge in a lying on the ground position - stuck. Then I kinda slowly kept automatically moving until I fell through the building and ground and was locked into a below the street view (about a hundred feet deep. I could see what looked like people walking on glass and cars driving around. Cool, but had to restart my PS3.

The other one I drive to the Blue Room and walked on stage and somehow got stuck in between the bass and chair. Not cool, but still fuuuuuuunny.

zeeshan8103530d ago

It happened before for some people. I didn't have any issue (No crash/freeze) with my copy.

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MGRogue20173531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

I wonder why only the PS3 version got this patch..?

Marked3531d ago

Because Microsoft makes the developer pay for patch release. I believe anything over 10mb costs money for the DEV. What they try to do is lump them all together or do as little change as possible (MW2)

maxcer3531d ago

MS limits patches for a good reason. it makes the developer think twice about releasing a shitty product in the first place.

they better make the game properly of suffer.

buckley3531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

@maxcer Ask Valve why release Team Fortress 2 on Xbox LIVE was a mistake.

If you don't know where I'm going with this, take a look at how much content is consistently added to the PC version at no cost to the player.

That would have cost them a fortune to do on Xbox LIVE. And while I can kind of see your original point, the reason they charge is for bandwidth and storage, not to keep game bugs to a minimum, particularly since most simple bug fixes would be less than 10mb downloads and therefore free for the dev to administer.

digitalivan3531d ago

In this patch they enabled the use of 3.55 firmware thus allowing this game to be pirated. Seems Rockstar had to do this because the overheating issue was somehow related to 3.6 patch after all.

MGRogue20173531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

The overheating issue has nothing to do with either ps3 firmware v3.61 or L.A Noire.

@ below, The link is working. I'm not saying there's no such thing, Sony is.

digitalivan3531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

link broken
I saw a lot of forum members reporting this overheating issues and you say there is no such thing?

Even if it so, then there must be a reason why they did this? It's not likely that they wanted their game to be pirated, lol.

Dannehkins3531d ago

Rockstar originally said it was firmware 3.61, but then later retracted that statement after reports that it was happening on the Xbox 360.

awiseman3531d ago

The game was causing the overheat, however the ps3 firmware update was indeed causing old ps3 consoles to burn up, its not a " lie" .

suicidalblues3531d ago

& digitalivan

Your theory makes no sense. If they enable 3.55 that doesn't change what firmware the user has, so why would they "enable pirating" when it doesn't help anyone using a later firmware?

digitalivan3530d ago

You don't make any sense. Hackers can only play pirated games on 3.55 , and this patch enabled that. What don't you understand? Hackers didn't update to 3.6.

warrior99883531d ago

mine never crashed i beat it in the 16 of may

Uzesgelen_Goo3531d ago

game is that short? how long is game?

warrior99883531d ago

i beat it in 16 hours hope it helps & why did i get disagrees lol random

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