The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings - Epic Glitches

Unfortunately, the truth is this. Bugs and glitches in video games are becoming more like a norm these days. Although they can be annoying at times, they can also be hilarious.

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caboose322761d ago (Edited 2761d ago )

Haha, the game does have its handful of glitches and bugs, but it's still amazing.

sirgames2761d ago

its graphics are awesome! xD

yamzilla2761d ago

it looks better than any game ever joke, there is not a single game on the planet that looks better,

Metro2033 DX11 on a badass pc comes close, Next would be crysis 1 with some heavy realism modding, next would be crysis 2 in 1600p maxed on on a nice rig, next arma 2, stalker CoP, next maybe Alien Vs. Predadtor DX11 1600p.... beats 'em all

glitches are games like fallout 3

There are minor bugs, it is the best rpg to come out in 10 years,...

mass effect 2 looks like it was made by retarded monkeys when compared to the witcher 2!!!

BlackKnight2761d ago

That's it?

It was just 1 glitch, and not even close to be called Epic.

Lame video and post :/

Let me know when dwarven donkey ladies are appearing.

BeastlyRig2761d ago

That's not a glitch! pfft the guy was just moon walking that's all!

Apocwhen2760d ago

The game is so huge there are going to be some glitches.

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