Xbox alive with family content

Microsoft announced deals with Warner Bros. Entertainment and Nickelodeon to make more than 100 family-friendly TV episodes, ranging from Looney Tunes classics to "The Backyardigans," available on Xbox Live for the first time.

The content deal came as Microsoft also unveiled a new version of the Xbox 360, dubbed Arcade, priced at $279 and bundled with five games, including "Pac-Man Championship Edition," "Uno" and "Feeding Frenzy."

Both moves are designed to better position the Xbox 360 and Xbox Live service as mass-market entertainment, and Xbox 360 global product manager Aaron Greenberg said they will be backed by a major marketing campaign aimed at families this holiday season. "We think this is great for families because in addition to games, DVD movies and music, we can provide all this on-demand entertainment as well," he said.

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predator4016d ago

all well and good doing that but for god sake bring it to europe all ready, u sed u want to dominate europe, bringin videomarketplace would help sh!t loads with a good marketing campaign.

Blood_Spiller4016d ago

Last time I checked it wasn't even in Canada yet. We pay just as much (actually with the exchange rate we pay more now) as the Americans for less features, go figure.