Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine to offer 12 hour+ campaign

Looks like THQ's forthcoming third person action game will deliver the goods in terms of length.

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yamzilla3529d ago

"He also said, that competent gamers will get some 8-10 hours out of the campaign. These are pretty high numbers considering the way games are nowadays"


better have multiplayer

The Witcher 2 is 40 hours with 16 endings, add on side quests and you could easily put over 200 hours into it also looks better than any game ever joke, there is not a single game on the planet that looks better,

Metro2033 DX11 on a badass pc comes close, Next would be crysis 1 with some heavy realism modding, next would be crysis 2 in 1600p maxed on on a nice rig, next arma 2, stalker CoP, next maybe Alien Vs. Predadtor DX11 1600p.... beats 'em all

Neckbear3529d ago

I do wonder what's the driving force behind rabidly fanatic comments like these.

However, you ARE aware the structure of an RPG is very different to that of an action game, right?

It is, basically, what allows a standard RPG to be 30 hours long in average, whereas a third person shooter clocks that at 10.

Jack-H3529d ago

Mass Effect 2, Red Dead Redemption, Metal Gear Solid 1,2,3,& 4. Saints Row 2, Grand Theft Auto.. Should I keep proving you wrong?

Ravenor3529d ago

Those are still different games from a straight up shooter. I don't think a Space Marine is going to be stopping and having a 10-15 minute conversation with Orks. MGS is not a shooter, I'm sorry it's not and both Saints Row 2 and GTA while having shooting are far from the main thing and a good chunk of time is spent launching cars off ramps or doing side missions.

None of the trappings that pad gametime: Travel(RDR,GTA,SR), Long ass cinematics (MGS4) or Lengthy conversations (ME) exist in space marine. How long are other exclusive shooters? KZ3? Uncharted 2? Halo? They are all at or below 8 hours.

yamzilla3529d ago

then go pay $60 for vanquish...a 4 hour game..then buy the day-one-dlc, you'll really be helping the industry to keep puking up the same inane drivel.

Jack-H3529d ago

Well put. I'm glad there are other people that realize the problem..

palaeomerus3528d ago

There's no problem. You're both just idiots. Talk about 40K Space Marine or GTFO. It's the topic here, not your stupid half-wit rpg rants.

Jack-H3529d ago

I remember when games took days to complete.... It's a shame that we continually get the shaft more and more as games go more into mainstream entertainment.

Toman853529d ago

Have almost all Warhammer games on my PC. Dawn Of War II is one of the best, and I have played that game for about 55 hours in just 6 weeks :). Will look after this one for sure!