Starhawk BETA confirmed

TVGB: "Starhawk is up for a round or two of bug squashing before its final release.

While answering fan questions on the PlayStation Blog, developer Lighbox Interactive's boss man Dylan Jobe didn't hide the fact; "There will be a BETA," he said in no unclear terms."

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mastiffchild2711d ago

I can, as I've been saving them up for a while now, proffer you several "Hells YEAH!". I wish to be partakin' in the wholesome Hawkin' and Transformin' action myself!!

Hell YEAAH!!!

KingDustero2710d ago

I can't wait myself. I'm willing to bet the beta will be inside marked packages of either Resistance 3 or Uncharted 3. I'm betting on Resistance 3 myself though.

It'll probably happen during mid November through December or longer depending on when it actually comes out.

Dart892710d ago

Hell no you can't get a Hell yea but you can get a f**k yea.

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NateCole2711d ago

I don't know why some people have problems with Emmet. I think he really looks unique. Although either Lightbox stole Nathan's scarf or its the otherway around. I am not sure.

clintos592711d ago


rajman2711d ago

I bet they'll announce it at E3

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The story is too old to be commented.