Agent M Talks Marvel MMO This Weekend on Gamerz411

JI writes: "Agent M (who also happens to love tacos) will appear on Gamerz411 this weekend."

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Im the first suckers eat...jk hope you enjoy

9thGenHero2805d ago

agent m is an awesome individual, it was an honor to speak with him, and gamers, get ready, the marvel mmo is going to be AWESOME

Hitman07692805d ago

This show just keeps getting better and better as it grows. Looking forward to hearing what yall think of this episode.

egm_hiphopgamer2805d ago

Gamerz411 with the real 411 this show is really official now. keep up the good work can't wait to hear it myself

SpaceSquirrel2805d ago

Can't wait to hear about the Marvel MMO