AusGamers: The Darkness II Developer Interview

In addition to a hands on demo, AusGamers also had the chance to have a chat with Digital Extremes Project Director Sheldon Carter about The Darkness 2.

Topics discussed are the many differences between this new game and the original -- both in gameplay and art direction -- and some great insight into the game's development process. There's also some brand-new gameplay footage in the video that offers the best glimpse of the game that we've had so far.

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AngelusTacos3531d ago

Great interview, very professional and enjoyable.


THe game looks very good to be fair, the bit at the end is awesome if your in control of that.

The narrative in the Darkness was actually really good, glad to hear the voice actor is back!


mananimal3530d ago

No StarBreeze equals MEDIOCRE experience at Best, VERY FEW FRANCHISES that change QB's(The Developer) lead to a successful Sequel. This game will be no different, its a shame, since the game had real potential, now its dead on arrival, as far as this Hardcore gamer is concerned. All the Great Interviews in the World have very little to do with the GAME, its about the Finished product, nothing else. When this game comes out, and doesn't sell that well, which it wont, just look at the original,lol, All these feel good moments wont matter, lol. All that matters is how the game turns out, THATS IT, anyone remember Crackdown2? LOL.