Starhawk Vs Starcraft Battle: With Shane Satterfield, HipHopGamer & Torrence Davis ” Must See “

Gametrailers TV Producer Shane Satterfield along with the HipHopGamer & Editor N Chief Torrence Davis Battles it out.

Starcraft is easily one of the most recognized games in the history of gaming, and with the brand new Starhawk arriving there’s some elements from the RTS genre that has been revolutionized in Starhawk.

Although both games are different, is it still fair to compare the two especially when Starhawk raises the bar in a area that the classic starcraft doesn’t?

This video is Funny, Intense, Educational, and very very Exciting stay tuned you don’t want too miss it.

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Warprincess1163528d ago

Sigh Hiphopgamer. He so unprofessional. If he wants people to take him seriously. He should go back to high school and learn some basic English

LOGICWINS3528d ago

Sony gave him his own Home space and hes made an appearance on GTTV. Some people out there with high influence in this industry are taking him seriously.

evrfighter3528d ago (Edited 3528d ago )

"Although both games are different, is it still fair to compare the two especially when Starhawk raises the bar in a area that the classic starcraft doesn’t? "

still butthurt about that public lashing n4g gave you last week when you tried to say starhark would be better than starcraft hhg?

hhg freakin admits to not ever playing starcraft lol

stay classy hhg

btw the white boy owned you. and starcraft players do play RUSE while playing starcraft. you seriously need to look up what starcraft is and what it's about.

It's been out for over a decade dude and your grandma's 486 could run it. you're not doing yourself any favors here by saying you've never played it.

Nitrowolf23528d ago (Edited 3528d ago )

@ evrfighter

yeah that is just ridiculous.
It's an opinion, but come on don't make it if you haven't played either game yet then, especially if starcraft been out for some time.

Comparison is invalid then

LOGICWINS3528d ago (Edited 3528d ago )

I thk the comparison is invalid as well for a couple of reasons, one being that he hasn't played Starhawk yet, and I doubt he's spent any significant amount of time with Starcraft(could be wrong about this).

If he DID do these two things, he'd realize that Starcraft is an RTS, whereas Starhawk is a 3rd person action game with RTS elements. Dylan Jobe HIMSELF said that Warhawk has RTS "elements"(the game isn't a full-fledged RTS).

In the end, I think all Hiphop wants to show is that PS3 exclusives are innovating MORE than PC exclusives. THIS I can agree with.

Voxelman3528d ago (Edited 3528d ago )

@LOGICWINS Before shooting your mouth off maybe you should play Starcraft 2 seriously, then play the PC exclusive games Savage 1/2, Battlezone II: Combat Commander and Iron Grip: Warlord then see if you still think that starhawk is innovative or that PC games aren't pushing new gameplay innovation

In fact I challenge you to name as many PS3 game innovations as you can, I bet I can counter every one with a PC game innovation from the last 5 years or tell you how that inovation was done first on PC

kramun3528d ago

'I think all Hiphop wants to show is that PS3 exclusives are innovating MORE than PC exclusives.'

Lol, you are deluded.

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Nitrowolf23528d ago (Edited 3528d ago )

You know your English isn't that great either and your trolling is even worse. As bad as some of his grammar may be, i think the information he can get from devs and such should be enough.

LOGICWINS3528d ago

Agreed. Can't wait to see his E3 coverage!

the_kutaragi_baka3528d ago (Edited 3528d ago )

Oh man... HHG . The sad this is that cows actually listen to that D-B guy. =/

Jezuz3528d ago

Why do retards approve this ?

GiggMan3528d ago

"He so unprofessional."

I have a problem with that sentence. I think I may need to go back to high school.

ThanatosDMC3528d ago

Even worst is that the video auto plays! How do you block the player from doing this?

kramun3528d ago

You can do it on firefox with adblock, which is the first thing I did in another HHG BS article. I'm not sure about other browsers though.

natwitgudvib3528d ago

Listen his articles are geared towards the hip hop community, hence the name HIPHOPGAMER! Get it! Not everyone in this world wants to be a tight ass square.

And he is taken very seriously!! Thats why he gets interviews with developers, and also gets into the big

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Nitrowolf23528d ago (Edited 3528d ago )

Both games are great.
I just love the idea how the devs are mixing RTS with this third person shooter game. That was something unexpected. I was just expecting warhawk but in space and with better graphics. Glad they are raising the bar and surprising us gamers.

Love the idea that we can shape the battle.

Kleptic3528d ago

totally agreed...ever since the name 'starhawk' was leaked around a year ago...I couldn't help but think how cool it would be to have some rts like stuff added to a game like Warhawk...make it as fast and basic as possible...and a competitive action game where you build your own bases, and have to destroy your opponents man made bases sounds incredible...and simple...

can't wait...

Hitman07693528d ago

Both games are definitely great Nitrowolf. RTS elements are definitely mixed into Starhawk. The most 2 obviously defined as "RTS Elements" in the entire genre are present: Base Building and Resource Gathering. It's more of an RTS than C&C 4 garbage is. Overhead Strategy? That's Starcraft 2, C&C 4, etc., RTS? That's Starcraft not C&C 4. RTS Elements missing from C&C 4? Building and Resource gathering. Go ahead disagree. You know I'm right.

BeastlyRig3528d ago

This guy is a joke most of the time imo...

DiRtY3528d ago

So on the one hand we have a game that created esports and defined not just a genre, but online gaming and a decade of gaming in general.

On the other hand we have a game that will get average reviews and fail to sell more than 2million.

Compared by a guy who openly admits that he never played Starcraft. Classic.

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