E3 2011 - Sony at E3

MMGN writes: E3 is going to be big for Sony. Not only does it have a hoard of awesome PlayStation 3 exclusives to showcase, but also it's going to demo its new handheld, the as-yet-unnamed NGP.

Will Sony talk about the PSN Outage? That's the question on everyone's lips, but unless it hopes to continue the media wagon on the issue, they probably won't. Sony's media briefing is going to be all about PS3 exclusives and NGP.

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lazertroy2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

-Google chrome
-Upgraded PSN
-Rockstars AGENT
-NGP,playstion move games
-Left 4 dead 3
-Exclusives like uncharted 3,twisted metal,last guardian etc. -Some returning PS2 franchises like Kingdom Hearts,Jak and Daxter,Sly4.
-Eight days is rumored to be their.
-Also last but not least GTA V. Roackstar are very upset with the 360. First GTA4 was limited by the 360 now LA noire was limited. Rockstar stated that LA NOire was suppose to be on 6 disc for the 360 version but instead they decided to cut content and make it DLC beause of the 360.

sinncross2713d ago

I think new PS3 games will be shown:
Heartland (santa monica FPS)
Syphon Filter
Wipeout Trinity

and then possibly exclusive DLC for the new Batman, Metal Gear R and FF13-2

lazertroy2713d ago

Battle 3 DLC maybe since the 360 already has call of duty DLC first.

tehpees32713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

lets hope NGP has strong third party support. I can't wait to see what Epic have for it. Hopefully they will show Epic's game. and San Andreas Stories with MGS and FF

TaruTaru I agree with you. NGP has me hyped. can't wait to see what it has

2713d ago
NateCole2713d ago

I just want more info on The Agent and TLG. That all i want.

2713d ago
shooter12713d ago

I know I might be one of the few but I would really enjoy if they put out some more info about Final Fantasy versus 13 maybe even a possible release date.

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The story is too old to be commented.