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Miths2706d ago

Hitting the stores in six months. Now with almost four different locations, 86 side quests, no main quest and three homosexual dwarves.

Alright, actually I did enjoy the first 15ish hours of DA2 :), but then I got fed up with running through the same recycled locations over and over again and stopped playing.
I might buy DA3 if vast improvements are made in that area.

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despair2706d ago

Yea the recycled environs were the second biggest disappointment I had with DA2, first was the removal or simplifying of many things unexpectedly. Still it was a good game, much more simple and smaller than Origins, but still good.

HolyOrangeCows2706d ago

I hope Dragon Age 3 has even more cutscenes, less exploration, and more streamlined combat!

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NoobSessions2706d ago

No rush Bioware, take your time. No really, please do. :]

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jdktech20102706d ago

I played about 15 hours of DA2 and I haven't played it since....sadly, it's the first Bioware game I didn't love...I'll pick it up eventually probably mid July but it just did nothing for me as I didn't get involved in the story at all. It felt like a bad book that just dragged on.

Still have very strong trust in the company of Bioware but not as much as I used to as far as Dragon Age.....

ME3 is still a day 1 as is the old republic but they lost one Day 1 buy franchise from me

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