We We We So Excited. We so excited for inFAMOUS 2

SG: Basically everyone has played and loved inFAMOUS. Well, everyone whose opinion matters at least. It’s one of the games that makes the PS3 shine. It let the Sony faithful stick their fingers in the eyes of Xbots everywhere and say “Nanny nanny boo boo”. For those of you who may have been stuck in a basement for the past year, inFAMOUS 2 is set for release next month. If that news alone isn’t enough to get you excited about it, here are a few more reasons that should jolt your interest.

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LOGICWINS3529d ago

June 6th- E3
June 7th- Infamous 2

These two days will be the highlight of my summer...unless I manage to get a hot Latin chick ta screw my brains out.

Dart893529d ago

Well you better hurry and find one quick don't you know the world's ending on Saturday:D??

3529d ago
LOGICWINS3529d ago

Indeed! I'll get right on that :O

showtimefolks3529d ago

just for all the dlc on a super dlc voucher plus the sly bag.

one question is the BAG full size to fit in stuff?

also i will play the first infamous maybe before the game comes out but infamous 2 has gotten the uncharted 2 treatment going from 1st to 2nd you can see huge improvements. i read it a long time ago sucker punch guys were aiming for that and they have delivered

people support these games from all these devs which are not trying to cash in on the FPS market if we don't than every other game will be a FPS.

Neo Nugget3529d ago

I heard the bag can fit a laptop inside of it.

Kevin ButIer3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

I loved the plot of the first one, this is going to be sick in every way

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-Mezzo-3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

This game is looking amazing, i love it how everything from, Gameplay, Cole Powers, Graphics, etc is so vastly improved from the previous 1.

The last single-player game i enjoyed was Assassin's Creed Brotherhood (Yup, Still haven't bought Dead Space 2 or Mass Effect 2) & now I'm sure I'll enjoy this even more.

@LOGICWINS --- those are great games, I've played both of them & I'm sure you'll enjoy them as well, i say check out, used copies of both AC & Batman are going for around 25 each.

LOGICWINS3529d ago

I actually haven't gotten Brotherhood yet, nor have I gotten Batman: Arkham Asylum. I hear these are awesome games...but I'd rather wait till their like 10 or 15 bucks at Gamestop.

Myst3529d ago

Arkham is great and would go for it now then again if you want it cheaper than what Gamestop is offering there is always Amazon and the deals they are doing. I think at one point they had it for 20.00 when Gamestop was selling it for 40.00.

Urrakia343529d ago

Yea you should wait till Revelations and Arkham City release to pick em up. They should go up on sale once their respective "sequels" release.

saladthieves3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

Here is my review of B:AA for you buddy. Might help you decide:

NukaCola3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

Arkham Asylum is an amazing game.
Graphics: 10
Sound 10
Gameplay 10
Replay 8

The game has that MetroidVania feel with all the exploration and opening up new areas as you gain powers. It's dark and you are presented so many ways to tackle the challenges of the madhouse. The story is amazing, the shear size of the island is great and there is so much discover. This game came out of left feild and had taken the gaming world by storm. If Uncharted 2 didn't come out in 2009, Arkham would of taken the GOTY for sure. It's a must have game and worth every penny.

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LOGICWINS3529d ago

Thx for the advice guys, ill be picking up Batman AA soon!

Baba19063529d ago

it better be good i preordered the hero edition!!!

initial_kay3529d ago

can't wait... fully paid off my hero's edition muahahahah!

Grannyvukka3529d ago

Duke Nukem Forever & inFamous 2 are my Junes buys...Well, inFamous 2 is without question & is a day 1 buy for me without doubt, as 1st was awesome, & this one looks off the hook compared to Unchartered to Unchartered 2 as some people have been comparing, although, I would say inFamous to inFamous 2 looks to be a much more massive leap than even U1 to's just one of the most noticeable, huge step up's I've seen in a gaming sequel on the same hardware.
Duke Nukem Forever is not as certain as inFamous 2 to go into the collection.....but from all the vids I've seen thus far, & the previews saying it plays like an old school fps of Doom & Unreal ilk, without all the modern shooter perk crap like COD & it's clones & wannabe's, it is looking like it may be a no brainer to enhance my collection, as I miss having a good kick ass, Doom or Unreal-esque shooter in my collection...Unreal 3 suffered from too much lag, & not enough people I hope Duke has a good lag free online infrastructure, as well as a heap of buyers, as I need a game like this.

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