Wii 2 - Will it actually be good for gaming?

MMGN: Our hopes are high and rumours are intense; the Wii 2 is less than 3 weeks away from being officially announced at E3. The first order of business: a real name or codename, no more of these “Wii 2” labels. Rumours have been in overdrive for the past month, suggesting it could be just as revolutionary as the Wii sounded back when it was still called the Revolution. However, will it actually be any different to the Wii? Will it make a positive difference?

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Warprincess1163532d ago (Edited 3532d ago )

If it like the original wii. NO. Now that i think about it. Nintendo really hasn't do anything for gaming. All they did was bring in more casual shovel-ware games to the market.

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