GamerGoddess Rides The Cyberbike, The Wii Has It All ” Must Buy “

Nintendo Wii is known for it’s fun interactive gaming approach, but now with the wheel, wii fit and so much more Nintendo and Big Ben Games have something new and special for everyone.

Cyberbike is incredible and seriously one of the most turly LEGIT forms of working out on a console while having serious fun at the same time.

This video will reveal even more deeper details about the game but also will show off the SEX appeal the Nintendo Wii has with the GamerGoddess.


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Hitman07692710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

I can imagine a lot of people who want to exercise in their house considering this upgrade for the Wii as an alternative to expensive equipment. .

HolyOrangeCows2710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

I thought "GamerGoddess" was the site name when I clicked. Freaking HHG got me again.

icewater852710d ago

I like HHG, but I have no interest in a Cyberbike. Only reason I watched is because of Gamer Goddess. OMG she is fine.

Lulabarbie2710d ago

I would much rather exercise that way!

Titanz2709d ago

There's other ways to exercise ;)

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