GameGraphics: Innovation or Diversion?

Video Games at their roots were the masters at gameplay innovation and fresh experiences for audiences. Long gone are the days were Mario, Sonic, and Crash Bandicoot ruled the gaming realm. With modern video game consoles as well as PC’s producing stunningly realistic graphics, the priorities of game developers have changed drastically. Rather than seek to create new experiences, many developers merely create a carbon copy of the most successful titles in the industry, hoping to create some buzz and steal some of their audience. This is a problem that is seen most commonly in the genre of first person shooter games; however it is indeed an industry wide problem. Modern games look amazing in HD on a HDTV, but it makes me wonder sometimes, are we being distracted?

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FragGen3529d ago

I think now that the graphics in games are uniformly good, the customers can focus MORE on the gameplay they enjoy. I don't buy anything just for eye candy like I did back in the 16bit bad old days, it has to be a genuinely good game, too!

Aggesan3529d ago

Writing articles that been written a million times before - Innovation or just plain boring?

DigitalRaptor3529d ago

Graphics are always improving. This debate has been done to death!