G4: Thor: God Of Thunder Review

G4: "Much like the movie, Thor, the arrogant son of Odin, finds himself in trouble when his nefarious brother, Loki, leads him into starting a war that threatens to spill out from the celestial realms to Earth. The story is serviceable, even if the voice acting is amazingly stilted, but there’s none of the grand drama and flare from the film here. The overall presentation of Thor is amazingly lackluster.

The Unreal-powered game sports plenty of shiny textures, and the character models look close enough to their film counterparts to be recognizable. Beyond that, however, Thor is generic looking from top to bottom. On the plus side, the implementation of stereoscopic 3D on both the PS3 and Xbox 360 is actually quite good, but definitely not enough of a boost to overcome the substantial problems in the rest of the game."

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junk3d2761d ago

Damn did anyone else think this was gonna do any better than a 1?

BrianG2761d ago

Maybe a 2. But seeing as it is a movie game my expectations were LOW, to say the least.

LOGICWINS2761d ago

Hmmm...I think this is the first time X-play's given a game a "1" score since last gen.

Mikeyy2761d ago

The blight of the gaming industry, trying to cash in on selling junk to children..

and it works...

Niightzz2761d ago

they should be happy they got a 1

josephayal2760d ago

i love this game , def GOTY quality