Conduit 2 and the problems of motion-controller shooters (Bitmob)

Conduit 2 is not the game that finally makes the first-person shooter feel at home on the Wii. Is this goal an impossible dream, or are developers just going about it incorrectly?

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Tolkoto3532d ago

I remember how much initial excitement there was for shooters on the Wii. Never really panned out.

HolyOrangeCows3531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

It really sucks....the perfect outlet for shooters, one of the most popular genres this gen, and it doesn't hardly have a handful of good shooters (Conduit is NOT a part of that handful).

I was glad to see Sony release the Move, because I knew it would fill the void where I thought the Wii would be. But it would be nice to see more support for it....all I use it for is Kz3.

I felt like the little movements were 100x better than with an analog stick, but I think big movements/turns can be a bit tricky.
Anyway, I pretty much agree; Move makes me not want to go back to sticks for FPS games....not that I mind playing shooters the old fashion way now. In fact, I was playing Metal Arms: Glitch in the System today (PS2/Xbox/Gcube - HIGHLY recommended!).

I hate the FPS Metroid games, and the COD Wii-ports suck.

Valk3531d ago

So Conduit, Prime, COD, all the other games that work perfectly are complete crap but 1 FPS on PS3 proves the Move is filling the void?

Do you even listen to what you are saying?

ChickeyCantor3531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

"I hate the FPS Metroid games"

Thought the same untill i actually finished the first one.

Shok3531d ago

No, it's just that most people were not willing to to adjust to the new control scheme.

Seriously, the Move and Wiimote are superior to dual-analogue. IR pointing is much more precise. Play Conduit 2 or Goldeneye 007 with the Classic Controller and watch yourself get decimated by the Wiimote users.

And there's really not even any big "motion-control" in these shooters. In Conduit for instance, you jab the Wiimote to melee, but that's pretty much it, and you can even map that action to an actual button.

gypsygib3531d ago

Play Killzone 3 using Move, although it has a very high learning curve, once learned you'll never want to play a FPS game on analogs again.

The accuracy, turn speed and movement are so much faster and better but it takes around 2 hours to master and tweak your settings.

Motion controlled shooters are the best way to play FPS games on consoles, at least as far as Move is concerned.

Knushwood Butt3531d ago

Yep. Can't see me rushing to buy a pad based shooter after KZ3 and Socom 4 with Move.

gypsygib3530d ago

I think the only reason I plan on getting Resistance 3 is due to Move controls. I've never played Resistance 1 and 2.

Knushwood Butt3530d ago

I loved the first game and enjoyed the second.

I'm slightly concerned that Insomniac only decided to implement Move at a later stage of development, but I'm sure they'll do a good job of it.

tunaks13531d ago

Prime 3, MOH:H2, Red Steel 2, Conduit 1, COD Reflex, and COD BO all control accurately on Wii.

Saying Move some how solves everything is naive, Move's supremacy over the Wiimote accuracy does not extend to the Wiimote's IR.

IR is 1:1, Good controls depend on the programming, the dead boxes, turning speeds, and how well it utilizes the pointer mechanic, hell including customizable controls fixes most problems.

Shok3531d ago

I don't get it. How can you complain about controls in a game where the controls are fully customizable? Like tunaks1 said above, you can adjust the deadzone, turning speed, cursor sensitivity, x-axis, y-axis, everything.

You can even map whatever action to whatever button.

Wii Motion Plus just makes it all better.

AND you can use the Classic Controller if you want to. This goes for Goldeneye 007 too.

Knushwood Butt3531d ago

It's not often I find myself agreeing with, shall we say, someone that likes Nintendo a lot, but I think the problem here is mainly that the article is written by an idiot.

'With a wand, you need to make a conscious effort to keep your cursor centered, which over anything other than the shortest of periods is tiring.'.

I can't say I have every played an FPS with the Wiimote, but for Move, this comment is totally redundant as the best way to play is by resting your 'wand' hand on your lap. As such, there really is no conscious effort to keep your cursor centered, unless you are incapable of resting your hand on your lap. Furthermore, doing so is not in the least bit tiring.

I would have thought the same principle applies to Wii shooters.

Shok3531d ago

Exactly. Only idiots play Move/Wiimote shooters with their arms up. You're supossed to rest them in your lap and hold your wrist up slightly.

GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME3531d ago

i think that killzone 3 has done motion controlled shooting better than most, if not the best.

Knushwood Butt3531d ago

I'd argue that Socom 4 does it better.

It took me a long time to tweak the KZ3 Move settings before I was happy with them, while with Socom 4 I play it with the default Move settings and have never needed to tweak them.

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