Nintendo 3DS terms of service is more Brave New World than 1984 (Bitmob)

Nintendo's 3DS terms-of-service agreement is pretty damn frightening, but does anyone care?

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Shok3530d ago

Ha, I just read both of those books for English 4 this year.

acronkyoung3530d ago

Man, I've been assigned 1984 in two classes and still have never read it. I felt guilty about that a few years back and tried to listen to the audiobook while driving, but I had to turn it off when I started falling asleep at the wheel.

MartinGlow3530d ago

That's a shame. It was a very enjoyable book, and I found it more interesting than anything. (but for the love of God, don't watch the movies, they are terrible!)

choadley3530d ago

No one pays attention to TOS agreements, which is exactly why companies get away with this.

Tolkoto3530d ago

I NEVER read those things.

soundslike3530d ago

I started skimming them after the post-geohot PS3 firmware update.

RockYou3530d ago

ugh. he has a point, though. Even knowing this, I still want one.

unknownhero11233530d ago

Can they do that? that's legal? note to self, don't buy a 3DS.

soundslike3530d ago

He's making an example of the 3DS but actually most games have something similar to "We collect your data but trust us we wont use it for evil, or at least the socially accepted definition of evil...etc"

Bioware does it, all MMOs do it, COD DEFENITELY does it, they just don't have pictures.