The Age of Minimalist Box Art

Save and Quit - "A recent trend in game box art has taken a turn towards simple and straightforward minimalism."

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Shok3528d ago

I haven't been visually impressed by a boxart in a long time. I think the last one I said "awesome" to was the Epic Mickey one, but before that, I can't even remember the last time.

Winkle923528d ago (Edited 3528d ago )

I kind of like the minimalist style. I suppose it really depends on the game, but the best I've seen recently is the Resistance 3 box art. That orange box looks great.

T-K47x3528d ago

Yeh It does look really good, at first I just thought it was a chimera head but I looked again and saw that it was like an optical illusion which is very cool.

Blaine3528d ago

I kind of don't care at all about the box art.

Honestly, the box could be blank and I wouldn't care. It's the game that matters--the box is meaningless to me.

(But the R3 one is pretty cool... Did you see the poster? Has Capelli walking toward the skull/NY silhouette, it's even better than the cover!)

zootang3528d ago (Edited 3528d ago )

I always liked the Oblivion ES case. The box made me feel like there was a whole world waiting for me and I just had to open the case to find it.

cogniveritas3528d ago

I'm a student of art and found my favorites in classical oil paintings that looked so true to life. The Da Da and minimalist art came across to me like a social reprogramming by artists with no talent using basic elements of art and convincing people that Less = More. I refuse to accept it, the truth is More = More, and Less = Less. If you like less then fine just call it less but don't lie and call it more. LOL... this bothered me so much in school.

I like incredible and intricate artworks. But I suppose minimalist art can have it's place if it represents the game well.

Blaine3528d ago

You're looking at the art the wrong way. Sure, more detail requires more talent, but less detail often implies more thought. (Not always, for sure, but for the great artists it does.)

With impressively detailed art, it's usually just a lifelike-looking picture. Not much interpretation required of the viewer. But when there's less detail the artist probably wanted to convey a message or thought, and as the viewer you can interpret it--or not. It's like literature, in that way.

But there will always be talentless hacks who just make minimalist art devoid of meaning, sure. Have you seen Banksy's mockumentary "Exit Through the Gift Shop"? If not, I recommend you do. You'll begin to understand my point.

cogniveritas3527d ago

I can say that I can certainly look at it your way, after all I did get the theory banged into my head but I kept my own opinion that never left.

It's for the very reasons that you stated that makes Minimalist art a valid art form that thrives to this day. Especially in business which takes it into the thought science of using basic art for recognition and manipulation using the understanding of human response to shapes and colors. Not only conveying a message but subliminally demanding action from consumers. I just don't have such an appreciation for it. Call it a personal But I'll check out the Banksy flim you mentioned. I haven't seen it.

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