Final Fantasy XI: Celebrating Nine Years of a Memorable MMO

Gizelle Money writes, "As I turn on the Xbox 360, feeling the need for challenges and adventures (as well as socializing with my longtime online friends), I log on to Final Fantasy XI. As I wrap a blanket over my shoulders I take notice of my favorite MMO, and how it gave a me a lot of good times over the last nine years. It's been nine years since the since Square (yes, it was still called Square the time) ventured into MMO territory. And while it might have been considered a risky move by some, I think that is was one of the best decisions Square ever made with regards to its celebrated FF series. And that's because there is just so much to love with Final Fantasy XI. From the storyline to the challenging missions to complete, it is a testament to what an MMO is really capable of achieving."

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Louis_Guzman3531d ago

This MMORPG has long legs!

ICarly19853531d ago

To me FFXI will always be my most favorite mmos out there, I made alot of friends there and had many great adventures back then, I'm really thinking of making another account and coming back to it, It's a great game and I will always remember it as my most favorite mmo ever

Amphion3531d ago

I played the game for six years and obtained a relic weapon in that time, which took three years. I loved the game. It is a phenomenal MMORPG. Super hard core and unforgiving while always very rewarding. I did very well in it but around January started to get a bit sick of it. Six years is a long time.