Steam Weekend Sale: Rift for 33% Off

Nobody likes paying top dollar for games, we are always looking for the best deals wherever we can and that's where Steam comes in. Every week the PC game digital distribution software Steam has a sale of mind blowing proportions. This week the MMORPG Rift is on sale for 33% off.

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ares21al3528d ago

Great Game WTG steam 33% off is nice

Solid_Snake-3528d ago

wow! this game has been out for like 2 months and steam are putting on a sale for it.

steam is by far the best online service available.

bwazy3527d ago

is this possibly an indication of the game starting to lose subscribers?

jmobley3526d ago

I don't think so, I know of a few people playing this right now. Just 2 months later, they could be trying to get subscribers out of this

jmobley3526d ago

tempting but I have nobody to play with