G4: Crush 3D Hands-On Preview -- Free Your Mind by Crushing It

G4: "Like the original Crush, this game takes a familiar platforming trope – jumping and climbing from platform to platform in order to collect goodies – and crushes it, literally, by giving players the option to switch the world from 3D to 2D at will. You’re not switching your perspective from two to three dimensions; you switch the world itself, crushing a fully fleshed out level down to a world with no depth at all. Suddenly, an impossibly distant platform can appear right before you by changing your perspective, conversely a 3D world offers a ton of places to explore that are invisible in the 2D world.

It’s a mind-bending mechanic, that made my brain feel similar to the sensation of playing Portal for the first time—the constraints of time and space you’ve relied on you entire life don’t apply in the world of Crush 3D, forcing you to open new neural pathways to solve puzzles. The ability to remove an entire dimension at once takes some getting used to, but once you get it, you’ll find yourself “thinking with crushes” in order to solve the game’s puzzles."

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