Modern Warfare 3 - Not a Disaster

Project NaTL: So, being the stalker I am, I decided to check out Robert Bowling‘s Twitter. Well, I found some interesting stuff. For those of you who don’t know, Robert Bowling, also known as fourzerotwo, is the Director of Communications and Community Manager for Infinity Ward. I went through most of the conversations and found out some cool stuff about Modern Warfare 3! [Sufyan Ahmed]

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Dart892798d ago

Lol at people crying at Riot shields they were by far the best weapon against noobtubes in mw2 equipped with Blastshield.

madara0sama2797d ago

Yea in multiplayer they were quite fun. Didn't ruined anything at all.

vickers5002796d ago (Edited 2796d ago )

Modern Warfare 2 may have been a terrible game, but using the Riot shield for the first time against somebody was one of the funnest moments I've ever had in a game. The first day the game came out, nobody knew how to defend against it, this guy did everything he could think of to defend against me, pulling out all the stops, then finally just gave up and started running away from me.

Lol, it was hilarious watching him run away.

AngryEnglish2797d ago

Link aint working for me:

Error: Hostname not recognized

Server is misconfigured or you have entered a wrong address. You can try these in stead:

ProjectNaTL2796d ago

Fixed it, CDN configured :)

SolidStoner2797d ago

I still dont know what to buy BF3 or MW3, and it will be only one of them for me!

Simco8762797d ago

I have the same issue. I don't know which one to get, probably the one that releases first.

MidnytRain2797d ago

Be patient and get the one you'll enjoy the most.

MidnytRain2797d ago

I'll most likely head for Battlefield 3. I'll get my arcadey multiplayer fix with Resistance 3 and Uncharted 3.

thorstein2797d ago

Yep. In the same boat. MW has always been the "guilty pleasure" where BF seems to be more of an intellectual shooter (not that it is vastly cerebral).

But I still can find plenty of people playing TF2 on my PC that I may lean toward BF3 for the console.

BFBC2 is a ton of fun and I find it more challenging on MP. I like how things progress during an mp match. I don't know. I might have to rent both and figure out which one I really want.

Gamer_Z2797d ago

I already have MW2 I don’t need another game that plays exactly like it so I will be purchasing BF3, also I have never played a BF game before so it should be an interesting and enjoyable experience.

RedDead2797d ago

If you have a Pc that can play it, BF3, Console, it depends, do you still enjoy Cod rehashed after all these years, if you do, get MW3, if not get BF3, which will be just like BC2 on consoles, except it has jets

ProjectNaTL2796d ago

Even if I get Battlefield, I won't get used to it. I have the first Bad Company, I used to be addicted. I later got CoD 4, and the addiction started. CoD 4 to 5, then 6, and now 7. I even pre-ordered MW3 in a hype... (in the hour they started)

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Zancruz2797d ago

After playing a Call Of Duty game developed by another company, A company called Treyarch I won't believe nothing I read or hear. I'll believe it when I Rent and Play for myself, I'll be Damn if I give up $60 for some crap again!

MidnytRain2797d ago (Edited 2797d ago )

Research your potential purchases thoroughly. For almost every game, there are hundreds of previews, videos, interviews, and reviews to use to inform yourself.

Zancruz2796d ago

It's called Gamefly, Because nobodies opinion is better for me than my own....

BlackSharinganX2797d ago

Not a Disaster , not yet at least lol

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