inFamous 2 Signature Series Guide detailed

The official cover and a few details have been revealed for the Signature Series Guide for the upcoming Playstation 3 exclusive open-world action-adventure, inFamous 2.

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LOGICWINS2710d ago

I never understood why people buy these things. Wouldn't you want to discover all the secrets in the game on your own? Why spend more money ON TOP of the $60 asking price for the game to have that very game spoiled by a strategy guide?

metsgaming2710d ago

the only strategy guides i have are for GTA. Other than that i think they are a real waste, even for GTA its borderline i will probably stop doing that.

macezhno2710d ago

i buy them just for the art. the Assassin Creed ones have some great art plus the developers break down few of the crazy ass twists.