Eurogamer: Sega Rally Online Arcade Review

Eurogamer: "Sega Rally Online Arcade is balls-to-the-wall, old-school fun that tugs at your nostalgia strings with deadly precision - even if you have moved on and stumped for a boxy green Peugeot 205 instead of a Toyota Celica.

If you don't have fond memories of the arcade cabinet or Saturn game, it's still a truly feisty little racer that looks great and handles well. Tearing up dirt tracks with indestructible rally cars is enormous fun, and this XBLA title delivers those thrills in their purest, most undiluted form. It's just a shame that there's so very little of it."

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kasasensei2708d ago

Same engine than sega rally revo, minus some features (eg:track deformation & physic simplified, less textures and less solid frame-rate. Less cars 34>13, less tracks 16>5... And you give it a 8? Well....

mcstorm2707d ago

I got this game yesterday and i was shocked it only had 4 stages but it is very fun to paly very close to the orignal sega rally games. Just wish sega had given us more tracks to race on but online is very fun and just brings back the old school sega rally fun with the plus side of being able to play ot online.