Free Games Sony Should Have Offered Instead

These are the games Sony should have offered instead of its somewhat lackluster lineup of games they delivered in the welcome back package.

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rabidpancakeburglar3536d ago (Edited 3536d ago )

I don't think that list is more enticing. I have also never seen the draw of flower, I know some people say it is calming but my experience of it made me feel angry and frustrated and I'm a pretty calm guy

-Alpha3536d ago

Lol. It's not for everybody, but I liked it.

Got frustrated with the camera sometimes though, it was a bit finicky at times

rabidpancakeburglar3536d ago

Well I'm obviously one of the people it's not for, it's one of the few games that have made me want to kick in my tv screen

blitz06233536d ago

I liked Flower. Got all trophies for it :D
And really, the games Sony is offering are good, at least compared to what this site is suggesting.

I already own the 2 major PS3 titles there, and bough Super Stardust HD. So it's easy for me to pick the 2 games. I actually own Wipeout, but not Fury, so thank you Sony.

darthv723536d ago

I already have wipeout and stardust on the ps3 and killzone on the psp. The other ones that are officially being given away are fine with me. I like lbp but I will get that and mod nation racers for the psp.

For the ps3 it will be infamous and dead nation. I was originally thinking of getting lbp on the ps3 as well but having it on the psp is fine with me. I usually tend not to get the same game on a portable as i do on the console.

Exception to that would be dante inferno. I liked the console version on the 360 and enjoyed the psp version as well.

These give aways are nice to those who dont already have them. Sorry they cant please everyone but sometimes it happens.

JackBNimble3536d ago

I like sonys list much better, but thats just me I guess.

sobekflakmonkey3536d ago

I'm super happy with Sony's list, I have pretty much all those games, but I want Super Stardust HD and InFamous, I've played and beaten InFamous but I borrowed it from my brother so I've never owned it, so yeah, I'm stoked, getting FREE stuff because a FREE service went down.

FACTUAL evidence3536d ago

pixel junk shooter 2
GOW2 collection

InactiveUser3535d ago

Sony's list is better.

I wish R&C: QfB was US also though, not just europe. I'd get that. I'll try to make a euro account for it. Besides that, I'm going with LBP and wipEout HD Fury most likely (I already have inFamous).

Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars would've been an interesting inclusion. I'm not into soccer at all, but this montage make it look damn fun:

hay3535d ago

Damn, have them all except GoW Collection(have those on PS2). I need to stop supporting Sony so much, leaves me with no option for freebies. /sarcasm

goflyakite3535d ago

Lol I have all those games except for FF VIII.

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Crazyglues3536d ago (Edited 3536d ago )

Oh hell no that list would have sucked...

I already got stuff on that list and LBP and Infamous are the entire game on Hard drive... these are not just PSN titles...

I think the list is good if I would add anything it would have been Rainbow Six Vegas 2

but if you played these already or have them then this is a good time to get them on the hard drive..

I really think it's not that bad at all.. these are some quality games..


fr0sty3536d ago

This alone proves Sony's point of "you can't please everyone". Even those who are coming up with alternate lists are still having the lists get hated on.

Clipper133536d ago

@fr0sty- People just hate lists in general.

Solidus187-SCMilk3536d ago

The only one I like from this guys list would be warhawk, but alot of people already have that too I think.

sobekflakmonkey3536d ago

Warhawk was a launch title wasn't it? or something close to that.

Either way yeah, I'm pretty damn sure lots of people already have it, and last time I checked almost nobody really plays it anymore, and the people who do are like PRO PRO...yes thats double PRO!!!

majorw23536d ago

Here are the lists (in case you want to avoid giving sites like this more hits)

From the Article :

This is Sony’s original game lineup in the welcome back pack for North America:
Dead Nation
Super Stardust HD
Wipeout HD + Fury

For European users:
Wipeout HD/Fury
Ratchet and Clank: Quest for Booty
Dead Nation

However, what is a MUCH more enticing prospect are a selection from these games:
Fat Princess
Final Fantasy VIII
God of War Collection
Joe Danger

What games would you suggest Sony should have included in their welcome back package?

thorstein3535d ago

I will be getting Dead Nation and Wipeout HD. Not to mention free movie rentals and all the other free stuff I get for being a Plus member.


wsoutlaw873536d ago

I would have chose infamous, dead nation, or LBP over any of those. Plus if people are complaining about already having games then gow 1&2 or FFVII wouldn't have helped. The majority of people dont want old games. It was way better to offer real games not little psn games that would keep you interested for like 5 minutes like joe danger and flower. No one wants an online online shooter that probably has no one playing it any more. Theyll probably offer warhawk on plus for free like MAG or for a discount.

Mikeyy3536d ago

Im fine with Sony's list.

I want Stardust and either Wipeout, or Dead nation. havent decided.

I dont care for infamous.

Name Last Name3536d ago

They should have put warhawk to help starhawk in the long run

Kran3535d ago

Flower was nice. Don't diss Flower ;D

I still got to buy fl0w

NewZealander3535d ago

hell no that list of games sucks! hello infamous and LBP? thats pure awesomeness! plus the other three are pretty cool too.

starvinbull3535d ago

Shatter was given away for free on the EU store with Playstation Plus, Warhawk has had numerous discounts, GOW collection, Flower, Fat Princess and Joe Danger have all been discounted previously.

Trine is properly third party so giving that away (if a third of the total PSN accounts had claimed it) would have cost Sony $50,000,000 or more.

Had Sony given away games which were discounted previously people would be making the same criticsms saying that they were encouraged to buy a game which was given away for free.

elite-shot3535d ago

Anybody that thinks they would give away god of war collection is actually stupid. They can still sell that for atleast £20 and its relatively new... THINK ABOUT IT!

saladthieves3535d ago

"What games would you suggest Sony should have included in their welcome back package?"

This question will be answered differently. People, or individuals, will just list the games that they don't have but would like to own. This list would eventually be different from others'.

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LOGICWINS3536d ago

You can get Warhawk used at Gamestop for $10..and the Warhawk DLC will come FREE with the upcoming free month of PS Plus that EVERY PSN member will receive.

Also, Wipeout HD Fury and LBP are arguably better than the rest of the games you listed.

blumatt3536d ago

I might go out and buy Warhawk to prepare for Starhawk. And I'm PS+ so I can get the free dlc for Warhawk too. :)

LOGICWINS3536d ago

I picked it up yesterday. FANTASTIC game and really fun even though the game is FILLED with people who don't know what their doing. I played for 4 hours today without realizing how much time went by lol. If you gt it, PM me. I wanna add people who are interested in playing the game the way its meant to be a team.

blumatt3536d ago

Ok, man. I'll let you know if I buy it.

metsgaming3536d ago

Is it going to be all the Warhawk DLC free?

LOGICWINS3536d ago

YUP. All the Warhawk DLC was offered on PS Plus before PSN went down.

metsgaming3536d ago

sweet i may pick it up, might get some time in before infamous 2 and i will have it to play all through summer.

PirateThom3536d ago

Here's the problem, Deathspank and Trine aren't published by Sony, but there's really no reason the other three couldn't have been offered... especially Warhawk, it seems so obvious with Starhawk just being announced and the fact it's one of the best online games on the PS3.

iamnsuperman3536d ago

Flower would have been good. Everyone should try this game. Wonderful game

darthv723536d ago

everyone CAN try this game. There is a demo on the store when that comes back online.

fr0sty3536d ago

But what about those of us who already own it? What are we supposed to do? Sony needs to give us all free BJs or I'm going to cry on the internet!!! This welcome back package sucks! Wah! I already own it! I even owned the free months of PS+ and the free rental already also! Even the free 100 home items! Sony sucks! Wah!

illidari3536d ago

The explanation of why you picked those games would of been nice besides you just adding a list of games.