JRPG Tribe review Golden Sun: Dark Dawn

"Golden Sun: Darn Dawn sees the return of Camelot Software Planning to the world of RPGs, a company nowadays best known these days for their stellar work on the Mario Tennis and Mario Golf titles. Having been 8 years since the last games in the series, what does Dark Dawn have to offer?"

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Misterhbk2709d ago

I love the game but I HATE that there is just sooooooo much repetitive text. I agree with the score though. It's a solid 8/10

disgaeapuchi2709d ago

Agreed, the dialogue isn't particularly interesting either. Was a great RPG though, if not a bit on the easy side (I remember the two Game Boy Advance Golden Suns to have very difficult bosses, but maybe I'm just better at RPGs now).

Misterhbk2708d ago

No, I agree with you. The boss battles, especially the final boss battles, were much more difficult in the earlier titles.