Are Atlus USA Teasing Persona 2: Innocent Sin?

Siliconera: "If you subscribe to Atlus USA’s newsletter, you should see a newsletter dated June 23rd, 1999 in your inbox. What happened in June of 1999? Well, June 24th (the 23rd in the U.S.) was when Persona 2: Innocent Sin was released on the PSOne in Japan.

We’re betting this is a hint at a Persona 2: Innocent Sin PSP localization."

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rrquinta3532d ago

I saw that and didn't even think about it. That's definitely good news. I really enjoyed both Persona PSP and P3P immensely.

jc485733532d ago

just bring it over. just doesn't feel right when you don't have the other half.

stealth500k3531d ago

but they also have to bring over DS 2, gungir, gloria union, grand knight history

I am not just happy with them only localizing atlus games like theyve been doing

3531d ago
PSjesus3531d ago

I already have the English patched eboot on my PSP....great game