Player Affinity - Portal 2 The Final Hours Review

Player Affinity writes: "The original Portal came out of nowhere to become a huge hit for Valve and the general gaming community and for considering the games origins as a small scale student project, it’s completely astounding that it had the success that it had. Portal 2 came out last month after over a year of fans anticipating their next taste of GlaDOS and her deadly neurotoxin and test chambers but the development of Portal 2 is a much bigger story than you would expect. Portal 2 - The Final Hours is an interactive eBook written by Gametrailers host Geoff Keighley as he follows the development of Portal 2 (Who interestingly did a similiar thing for the original Half Life) and reveals all sorts of interesting stories about how the sequel to one of Valves biggest successes came to be and the stories behind the people who made Portal 2 what it is."

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