GameInformer: Operation Flashpoint: Red River Review

GameInformer: "The Operation Flashpoint series hangs its helmet on creating realistic military experiences that convey the lethality and tactics of modern warfare. But as Red River demonstrates, an unchecked dedication to realism can cripple the entertainment factor.

Like the HBO series Generation Kill, Red River doesn’t spare you the boredom of Marine life. In between firefights in this near-future Tajikistan conflict, you gaze at the barren landscape during long Humvee rides, trudge along uneventful foot patrols, and twiddle your thumbs during chopper transports.

Rather than fill these action lulls with character development, your over-aggressive CO performs a tired impression of Gunnery Sergeant Hartman from Full Metal Jacket the entire time. When he’s not harping about his *** rules, he’s shouting over-written insults that almost always fall flat."

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