The Megatons: These Four Unexpected Games Will Rock E3 2011

GameThirst: So you’re pumped about E32011 eh? You think it’s going to be the mother of all of gaming expos and will unveil some of your favorite games. You’re officially gung ho about Uncharted 3, and the latest Battlefield 3 gameplay trailer has left you salivating, thirsty for more. It’s really bad, that’s how good it is. You’re also thinking of Modern Warfare 3 ever since that teaser was released, however you’re most excited for XCOM and Kingdoms.

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rabidpancakeburglar3532d ago (Edited 3532d ago )

MG5 unfortunately won't happen (at this years E3 at least) and I'm pretty sure that R* saying that they aren't gonna be there means they won't be there so no Agent. Dunno about the other 2

-Mezzo-3532d ago

Yup, it's a shame that Rockstar will be absent from E3, i was really hoping to hear more about Agent. It's been a while since they announced it,

Prcko3532d ago

i think this e3 gonna be boring,only new nintendo is hot atm,and uncharted 3

PaPa-Slam3532d ago

MGS 5 Announcement will be a dream come true for me.

movements3532d ago

Same here man, should be really something!

Hitman07693532d ago

Looks like a damn good thing if that goes down.