Q&A - Tecmo's Kohei Shibata Talks Super Swing Golf 2

Earlier this year at the 2007 Tokyo Game Show, Gamasutra spoke to Tecmo's Kohei Shibata about the upcoming Wii title Super Swing Golf 2, the sequel to last year's Super Swing Golf, originally based on the Korean golf MMO Pangya.

It seems like you've made a lot of improvements and changes since last year's version. Where you get your feedback from -- is it from the U.S. audience or from the Japanese audience, and how do you make the decision on what features to improve?

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lynx1halo4039d ago

im actually a huge fan of the other golf series Hot Shots Golf...oh and Wii = Gamecube2

Kholinar4039d ago

It's cool that you like Hot Shots.

SSG is a great game though, and way under-rated. It has a lot of depth and difficulty. At the same time a novice can pick it up and have a lot of fun. If this next version improves, it could well be the golf killer app of this gen. Play is already very golf-like. Putting is the only area that really needs improvement. The rest of the improvements will just enhance things.

Wii = Fun (For those who are secure enough to like other consoles while having a fave)