Get your Golden Guns ready, Goldeneye for Wii marked down 50%

Conflicting Gamers - "It’s no secret that the original Goldeneye on the N64 defined the first person, multiplayer genre. That game was so good I think I played through it about 30 times. And when you add in how many times my friends and I played the multiplayer, I probably spent about 60% of my youth playing it… So when I heard that they were remaking it for the Wii, I nearly crapped my pants in joy! (Liken it to when Chris Farley’s character in Tommy Boy found out he had a brother.)"

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StanSmith2712d ago

Do not buy goldeneye wii! It's a huge letdown.

I went into this game more hyped up than a monkey with a banana, but i just couldn't get over how poor and generic it was. I actually enjoyed bloodstone more than this.

Titanz2712d ago


The Goldeneye game for Wii already sold 1 million copies, so your disruptive criticism of a "AAA" title, is invalid.

StanSmith2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

So Wii Fit, Wii Sports and Wii Play are "AAA" titles too are they? Seen as they sold Millions too!

What a Muppet! Sales don't equal quality!


So i'm a monkey because i didn't like a game you liked? Wow!

In my opinion, Goldeneye is an poor game on Wii. There are tons more better Wii games out there. Goldeneye Wii was a quick cash in just like Goldeneye Rogue Agent. If you enjoyed it then great, but that doesn't mean everyone holds your opinion too.

epicdestroy2712d ago Show
epicdestroy2711d ago

WAY TO TAKE A JOKE! Geez....You're definitely entitled to your opinion!! But if your Agree/Disagree spread is any indication, you ARE in the minority...

There's too many people in here with thin skin...Just trying to have a little fun here... :P

StanSmith2711d ago

My bad. Lol. There's that many assholes on here, it's hard to figure out who's joking or not.

I probably am in the minority of people who didn't enjoy it. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't a terrible game, i just didn't think it was as great as the reviews made it out to be.

Solid_Snake-2712d ago

i play goldeneye online on the pc. multiplayer is great the mods are cool and it runs on the source engine.

i have heard how bad goldeneye wii is though

Venox20082712d ago

very great game, one of the best wii games 9/10 ..I am not very much in shooters (because had too much halo, Cod and other *** ), but this one (and some others like Bioshock, singularity, metroid:prime, ...) really caught me up until the very end :) it's a great deal .. :) BUY IT! :)