GameStop: 3DS Launch Success Dampened By Lagging Sales

GameStop on Thursday said it captured big Nintendo 3DS market share immediately after the handheld device's launch, but in the current quarter the retailer expects sales to "fall slightly short of what we expected."

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rrquinta2712d ago

Of course it's not selling well. The e-store still hasn't launched, and most of the games worth buying are still not released. I was one of the ones who had planned on pre-ordering it after seeing it at E3, but with the lack of e-store and game options (not to mention terrible color options), I decided to save my money and buy one later.

artsaber2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

It costs too damn much for a handheld that received some slight bad press over the 3D headache stuff. I couldn't believe folks were suggesting to just turn the 3D off on a device called a 3DS. It was the reason most people bought it. I'm still enjoying my DSiXL until they release the 3DSXL. Currently awaiting updates...