Dragon’s Dogma producer looks to fans for character names

Dragon’s Dogma producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi posted a special request today via Capcom-Unity, asking that fans of the upcoming RPG help submit character names.

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NukaCola3532d ago

Can I suggest a name other than Dragon's Dogma? I mean this game looks so cool, but the name is really corny.

MidnytRain3531d ago


DD is more action oriented. Monster Hunter doesn't have classed-based abilities, customizable pawns who can be issued commands, grab actions, hundreds of NPCs - each with spoken dialog and a full 24-hour daily routine and can be recruited, and a focus on an overarching story.

It will supposedly introduce a "brand-new approach" to multiplayer.

Tony P3532d ago

It conjures up epic images like... dragons writing rulebooks.

It might really fit the game, but it does sound kind of silly.