Alice: Madness Returns to include “huge amounts of diversity” in visual style

Lead by American McGee and art director Ken Wong, Spicy Horse, a western developer based in Shanghai, used separate art teams to create each world, sometimes using a single artist to helm characters and worlds that they felt would best fit their style.

New screenshots too.

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NukaCola2806d ago

This is a niche title, but man am I impressed with it. I really hope people check this out. American McGee is bizarro as hell and the original ALICE was amazing. This game is visually one of the most artistic I have seen in a while. This game is looking really really good. I think I may scoop this up the week it comes out.

Nitrowolf22806d ago

I really hope this game catches on. Sadly games like these don't get the attention that they deserve from today average gamer (mostly FPS). Really looking forward to this game.

Jpinter2806d ago

Agreed. From what I've seen it's very old-school platformer. I like the Steampunk inspired worlds and much of the art. Really creative stuff.

ironcreed2806d ago

So sold on this game. I want it just for the atmosphere alone.

r212805d ago

im getting this game, for sure! :D