Minecraft: Acid Trip

Footage of a minecraft shader mod that makes the game look like an acid trip. Check it out:

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kyl2772802d ago

bleh minecraft... Terraria is where it's at.

Hellsvacancy2802d ago (Edited 2802d ago )

Funnily enough, i like it

Me and my missis went on a small holiday last week, i met this geeza (he was a 67 year old stoner) he told me and my bird where we can pick some magic mushrooms near this big cricket field, MENTAL it was, ive had em b4, not like these things we picked, they blew my head appart man, i took BAGS of em home, make me a pizza tomorrow after work

The reason i say this is because when i was trippin, it was like ridin a big wave.......AWESOME!