Who is to blame for LA Noire crashes?

EuroGamer: Neither the PlayStation 3's 3.61 firmware update nor L.A. Noire itself are to blame for system crashes reported while playing Rockstar's new crime epic, according to a joint statement from the developer and Sony.

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rabidpancakeburglar2713d ago

GOD. God is to blame, damn him!

mandf2713d ago

The couch warriors on the internet.

HeavenlySnipes2713d ago

roam the internet from their couch?

That's news to me....

creamsoda2713d ago

^They could be on a laptop?

hay2712d ago

@creamsoda: Laptops are news to him.

HolyOrangeCows2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

ROFL! I'm on the couch now.

Blame Canada.

"Goddam Mongorians!"

theroadtoruin2712d ago

ever hear of a wireless keyboard/mouse and DVI cord?

DualConsoleOwner2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

So it is happening on both consoles.

Which means it is Team Bondi's fault

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nopunctuation2713d ago

Just a glitch. It will be patched like GTA. Till then use autosave and just reset if it happens. No big deal.

t0mmyb0y2713d ago

My game froze when I tried to access the store from LA Noire's menu. Lol def my fault on that one :P

mindedone2713d ago

Yea, I wanted to see what would happen...I have all these codes and no way to redeem them

-Alpha2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

From a person on Gamespot:

"From your statement I can understand you don't have any experience with how softwares work. Let me try explain in simple terms. 3.61 makes changes to, say 100 instructions on the PS3. Lets say there is a bug on 3 of those instructions which comes into play only when they're executed in specific order. Now, lets say those instructions are some not-so-often used feature but LA Noire uses it extensively and that specific order of those 3 instructions gets executed many times and each time it does it heats CPU more than last time. Get the drift? Games use instruction set provided by a CPU to do what they do and change in any one instruction can potentially screw up some logic in game code, making it use more CPU than it normally would leading to overheating over some time."

nopunctuation2713d ago

I dont see what that had to do with this lol. Besides that is not a sony employee so he could just be talking out of his ass.

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TBM2713d ago

i haven't had any issues so far, but i gotta say this game is awesome.

AAACE52712d ago

Learn from my mistake ! I got banned once for making a religous joke!

rabidpancakeburglar2712d ago

I can see why, some people have no sense of humor

PR0X12712d ago

Finished it yesterday on xbox in 20hours and 0 crashes or other things wrong... Must have been lucky or something :)

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rrquinta2713d ago

I'm a little nervous about starting the game since I have a PS3 60GB fat and I don't really want anything to happen to it, but I am a little relieved that it seems to be a problem with LA Noire and not the firmware update. I haven't had any issues so far with other games post update.

Hellsvacancy2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

I was gonna buy the game day-1 but BEFORE i learnt about all this "overheatin" mumbo jumbo i decided i was gonna buy it next week instead, owe too much money to my pot dealer so payin him is of more value to me (i can get a load more then)

So by the sounds of it, it wasnt a bad idea, expect sum sort of a patch within the next week

HeavenlySnipes2713d ago

asking for to many spots ey? Stop smoking though...


news4geeks2713d ago

It's better for you than drinking. Probably even healthy in moderation. Although I get the feeling Hellsvacancy ain't smoking in moderation lol.

bozebo2712d ago

"It's better for you than drinking."
This is incredibly true.

Though, he owes money for it? lol fail.

But anyway...

frelyler2712d ago

Very stupid thing to write man. If you ever get busted and your pc is searched you basically admitted to buying and possessing an illegal substance. You can try and say you were kidding all you want, but if it is found on you or on your property then you are sunk. Do what you want but don't be a moron about it, seriously?

bangoskank2712d ago

Not that I condone Hellvacancy's habits or anything but I seriously doubt he's going to get in trouble for buying some weed. You make it sound like he's Tony Montana when he probably just buys a gram here and there.

frelyler2711d ago


I actually did not at all, I never mentioned amounts or anything. Working in the criminal defense field I see stupid shit like this all the time. He mentions how HE is going to buy "loads" more. That right there is admission of guilt and by definition that is a lot. He mentions he gets it from his "dealer" implying he knows someone who sells larger than personal use amounts. If he doesn't turn CI then he'll be made an example of. Just trying to give some advice, please don't take my fact based comments and say I said something I did not, what are you a cop or something?

Spinal2713d ago


Take out all your anger on me. I shall bare the hatred of the world for the sake of mankind.


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